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The Many Ways To Practice Self-Care That Cost Absolutely Zero Money
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14 Feb 2020 12:49 AM EST

'Self-care' is often associated with pricey indulgences like massages and lavish vacations. But according to HuffPost, laying down big bucks for such care just isn't realistic. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to clear your head and rejuvenate your spirit for absolutely zilch money. Try going outside for some fresh air and sunshine. Better yet, do it with a friend. Even better? Exercise with a friend! Or, declutter, clean, and organize your space. Dirt and visual clutter has been linked to increase anxiety and depression. Cut your time spent on social media down significantly. No more worrying about what you're 'missing out' on! Connect with your loved ones. Spend time with family, pets, friends, or your faith community. And when you're at work, or stuck in traffic? Take deep breaths!