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Never Mind Trends, These Are The Medicine Cabinet Basics Beauty Editors Swear By
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27 Feb 2020 12:50 AM EST

If there's anyone who's up on the latest, trendiest personal grooming product, it's a beauty editor. But according to Allure magazine, every single beauty editor also keeps on hand some medicine cabinet basics while fads come and go. Digital assistant beauty editor Angel Akoshis swears by Triple Antibiotic Ointment for burns, zits, or anything that needs healing. Associate digital beauty director Sarah Kinonen always has hydrogen peroxide on hand to keep her cuticles healthy. Digital hair editor Jihan Forbes loves her Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser. My mom used it, my grandmother used it. If it ain't broke... well, you know the rest Jihan Forbes, digital hair editor Finally, editorial assistant Gabi Thorne says she stands by almond oil to keep her hair healthy, conditioned, and smelling great!