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If You Must Travel By Car During The Coronavirus Outbreak Follow These Tips
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22 May 2020 01:43 AM EST

CDC officials recommend that people restrict car travel to essential trips only. Some folks, however, are ignoring the health guidelines and planning road trips for this summer. Health and travel experts have weighed in to offer advice on how to travel during a pandemic. According to HuffPost, experts advise considering a shorter trip. If it’s a long trip, plan it to a T. Will you or your travel mates require lots of bathroom breaks? Public toilets are a high-risk area for transmission. Experts recommend trying to avoid all stops and public restrooms if possible. If you must stop, experts say to bring your own toilet paper and soap, just in case the public restroom is out of stock. Experts also recommend washing your hands more thoroughly and for a longer period after using a public restroom. They also recommend using disposable gloves to pump gas, and of course throwing the gloves away when you are finished.

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