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It's OK To Not Be OK With The Pandemic Ruining So Many Special Events
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22 May 2020 02:04 AM EST

Spring and summer are usually filled with important milestone events, like vacations, graduations and weddings. But in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down and millions of such events were cancelled or postponed indefinitely. According to HuffPost, it's completely normal to experience a sense of loss and grief. However, mental health professionals say there are many benefits of having things to look forward to. For one, it makes you feel optimistic about the future. It's also a pleasant distraction to daydream about. Finally, it motivates you to keep going. Anticipation also creates discipline. It helps with delayed gratification. This teaches us that if we can be patient, a greater experience — or reward — is upon us. LeNaya Smith Crawford, Therapist

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