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What The CDC Is Asking, Not Telling, Schools To Do When Re-Opening
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22 May 2020 05:20 AM EST

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released eagerly awaited new guidelines for reopening schools. The considerations include encouraging people who are sick to stay home, frequent handwashing, and seating students at least 6 feet apart if possible. But the 'considerations' are just that: guidelines. They are not federally mandated. Other recommendations include keeping kids and teachers who are sick home, and staggering drop-offs. Another is to create small groups of students who closely interact with only each other, both in school and out. Children are less susceptible to COVID-19. However, they may be asymptomatic carriers of disease. Each infected child infects two to three other children a week, who then infect their parents and grandparents. ...It does not make sense to keep the schools and kindergartens open. Prof. Jorn Klein University of South-Eastern Norway In France, 70 new cases of the coronavirus were recently reported after schools opened, even with social distancing in place.

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