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COVID-19 Has Led To The Slaughter Of Millions Of Animals. But These Chickens Dodged The Bullet
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8 Jun 2020 01:31 AM EST

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on millions of people. It's led to the death of millions of animals, too. As supply chains have broken down due to nationwide closures of slaughterhouses, schools and restaurants, farms have had to 'liquidate' their livestock. But according to HuffPost, one Iowa chicken farmer decided to offer his chickens up to the public for free adoption before striking the final blow. Non-profit org Iowa Farm Sanctuary and Michigan Barn Sanctuary managed to save 61 hens at the very last minute. California sanctuary Animal Place even sent a plane to pick up 1,000 chickens! Life for the rescued hens is looking pretty sweet. They’ve perked up. They’re a lot more active. They roam around. They’re acting like real chickens. Jered Camp Founder, Iowa Farm Sanctuary

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