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Three Things To Think About If You're Yearning To Ditch The City For The 'Burbs
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15 Jun 2020 02:43 AM EST

The lockdown restrictions imposed by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed the thinking of many city dwellers. According to Business Insider, demand for homes in the suburbs has skyrocketed, driven by urbanites seeking more living space. But real estate professional Alison Bernstein says that before making the leap, would-be suburbanites should consider three important factors. First, school rankings don't give the whole picture of a community. Do your research, and learn how the district has changed in the past ten years. Second, cities usually offer childcare that is cheaper and in greater quantity than the suburbs. Research your options and factor costs into your budget. Finally, think about your commute to work. Will you be working remotely, or relying on your car or a train?